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Raised in Chicago by Nigerian immigrant parents, Eniola Oshodi is a woman who wears many hats: she is a former nursing manager and instructor, turned nurse practitioner, and now a thriving CEO.

Eniola Oshodi Dope Scrubs Founder

Having worked in the medical industry for nearly a decade, Eniola had worn her fair share of scrubs. Fed up with the outdated styles, unflattering fits, and conformity imposed on medical professionals by traditional scrubs; she envisioned more sophisticated looking scrubs that encouraged individuality and would give medical professionals everywhere a more dignified appearance.

When she couldn’t find the scrubs that aligned with her vision, she decided to create them. Her quality designs, inspired by her personal wardrobe, and attention to detail birthed what is now known as Dope Scrubs. By providing the option to dress in unique or more chic traditional styles, offering plus sizes, and making everything available online, her scrubs are revolutionizing the appearance of medical professionals. Doctors, nurses, and other health care workers can now trade-in their everyday unflattering uniforms for the stylish and polished Dope Scrubs. According to Eniola, "Most healthcare workers spend the majority of their time at work serving others and deserve to look and feel as dope (slang term for excellent or amazing) as they truly are!"

Through Dope Scrubs, Eniola is dedicated to supporting the next generation of underrepresented youth to realize their dreams of becoming healthcare professionals and transforming the health and economic vitality of our communities. "Growing up and until now, most people in the medical field that hold high titles and qualifications never looked like me and that needs to change."  

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